Ringorillappa Organic Apple Juice

Our mission is to make products that keep our customers happy, and that is why Ringorillappa Organic Apple Juice contains nothing but our organically and sustainably farm-grown apples. With over 50 apple varieties to choose from, we create delicious juices with pleasantly tart and bitter notes to balance the overall sweetness. We press the entire apple and do not filter the juice or add vitamin C, allowing you to enjoy flavors that are deliciously pure and natural.

フレンズ オブ リンゴリらっぱ(契約農家リンゴ使用のジュース)

Friends of Ringorillappa Apple Juice

We make our Friends of Ringorillappa series with apples produced by farmers who share our vision of producing deliciously natural and healthy products. This allows us to support and collaborate with like-minded apple growers, while making apple juice filled with the goodness that comes from delicious fruit and rewarding friendships. All apples used in these juices are free of neonicotinoid insecticides and grown in accordance with approved special cultivation standards.


Uho Uho Beer

This craft cider is made from 100% organic apples grown on our farm. Its citrusy hop and apple aromas are deliciously refreshing, and it has a clean acidity and pleasing hops bitterness which help to balance the robust apple flavors. Crack open a bottle of this craft cider, and savor the ripe apple aromas which overflow from your glass.


Yamagata Cidre

Our Yamagata Cidre is made from 100% organic apples grown on our farm. The entire apple is pressed for its juice, which is bottled after being fermented using only the naturally-occurring wild yeast found on the apple skin. The secondary fermentation of this natural cider takes place in the bottle, with no added sulfites.


Dried Apple Slices

These dried apple slices are made by drying organic apples grown on our farm without using excessive heat. They are rich in minerals and fiber and are made using only organic apples, so there are no pesticides to worry about on the apple skin. These slices are a mix of different apple varieties ripened to various degrees, so enjoy the sweet and tart flavors you will find in every package.