A freethinking apple farm with JAS Organic Certification

We are passionate about providing our customers with new and delicious ways of enjoying apples while at the same time practicing environmentally friendly and sustainable farming. We have followed organic farming standards for apple cultivation since 2019, and obtained JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) Organic Certification in 2022.

Growing apples solely for processing allows us to focus on what’s inside them

At our farm, we cultivate apples specifically for processing, rather than growing apples which look nice to give as gifts. This frees us from having to use pesticides to ensure that our apples look perfect, and we don’t have to focus solely on sweetness. Instead, we grow apples which are natural, healthy and have a delicious range of flavors.

Approximately 50 apple varieties makes for a lively mix of flavor profiles

A generation or so ago, our farm consisted mostly of Fuji apple trees, with a few other traditional varieties such as Kogyoku (Jonathan), Kokko (Ralls Janet) and 4-23. However, today we cultivate approximately 50 apple varieties in all, including many cider apple varieties acquired from overseas. This has helped us grow into a farm with a lively and eclectic assortment of apple flavors and types.

We harvest our apples early for more balanced and nuanced flavor

As a rule, apple juice and domestic cider are produced using B-grade apples from farms which grow fully-ripened apples produced for the gift market, so they tend to be very sweet. At our farm, we intentionally pick our apples before they are fully ripe, allowing us to obtain deliciously nuanced flavors which include pleasingly tart and bitter notes.

We make safe and healthy juices you can feel good giving your children

Neonicotinoid insecticides have been implicated in bee decline, and are seen as damaging to our soil, water and ecosystems. We practice agriculture which limits pesticide use to the absolute minimum, something which is good for our business and helps us make safe and healthy products.