A Melody of Flavors, Shining Through

At our farm, we have taken on the challenge of breaking away from conventional apple cultivation and growing apples organically, using farming methods that will be sustainable even a thousand years from now. For the sake of our children and their future, we reject practices that pollute our soil and water, and cause harm to living things.

Apples grown in the rich yet demanding conditions of a natural environment tend to be wild in appearance, and they feature unique flavors. This is true of our apples, and we are proud of the delicious cacophony of apple varieties cultivated on our farm.

Apples are endlessly delicious and infinitely enjoyable, and this is what we hope to communicate from our organic apple farm in Shinjo city, Yamagata. If our message resonates with our customers in a positive and lasting way, we will be on our way to achieving what we have set out to do.

Company Profile

Company name: Hibi Co., Ltd.
Head office address:
2052-1 Osawa, Mamurogawa town
Mogami district, Yamagata prefecture
TEL/FAX: 0233-63-2651
Ringorillappa Office/Farm
Showa 665, Shinjo city, Yamagata prefecture
TEL/FAX: 0233-29-8900
TEL: 090-7795-2701 (Haruki Sato)
Email address:
Established: 2020
Representative director: Haruki Sato
Business activities: Cultivation of apples, chestnuts and other fruit. Production and sale of juice, cider and other processed products.